How often can a landlord increase the rent? 房东多久能涨一次房租?

Your landlord can only increase your rent once every 12 months. They must also give you written notice at least 90 days before the rent goes up.你的房东每12个月只能增加你的租金一次。他们还必须在房租上涨前至少90天书面通知你。

When you enter a rental agreement for the first time, the landlord decides the amount of rent you will pay and what services (hydro, parking, etc.) are included. Sometimes, you can negotiate what bills will be included in the rent but it is ultimately their decision. Although rental housing prices are based on current market prices in Ontario, there are no limitations to what a landlord may ask for rent.当你第一次签订租赁协议时,房东会决定你要支付的租金金额以及包括哪些服务(水电、停车等)。有时,你可以协商租金中包含哪些账单,但最终由他们决定。尽管租赁住房的价格是以安大略省目前的市场价格为基础的,但房东的租金要求没有限制。

The market price for a unit can be significantly higher than what the tenant before you paid. There is no maximum amount of rent that a landlord can charge a new tenant, with the exception of non-profit housing like rent-geared-to-income (RGI) or subsidized, co-ops, and some student housing.一个单元的市场价格可能比租户之前支付的价格高得多。房东向新租户收取的租金没有最高限额,但非营利住房除外,如按收入计算的租金(RGI)或补贴、合作公寓和一些学生住房。

Ontario is a rent-controlled province for the most part, with a few exceptions. This means that a landlord can only increase your rent by a limited amount each year. Newer buildings are not rent controlled and landlords do not need to follow the same guidelines.安大略省在很大程度上是一个租金控制的省份,只有少数例外。这意味着房东每年只能给你增加有限的租金。较新的建筑不受租金控制,房东也不需要遵循同样的指导方针。

How much can my landlord increase the rent?


Once you’ve completed the first 12 months of your lease, your landlord can only increase your rent by a limited percentage. This maximum increase amount is based on the yearly guideline limits set out by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and it is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index.一旦你完成了租约的前12个月,房东只能以有限的百分比增加你的租金。该最高增长额基于安大略省市政和住房部制定的年度指导限额,并基于安大略省消费者价格指数。

For example:

In 2021, the limit was 0% due to the pandemic


In 2022, the limit was 1.2%

In 2023, the limit is 2.5%


In some cases, landlords can apply to The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) for approval to raise your rent above the guide limits. For example, the LTB might approve a higher increase if your landlord has made large repairs or installed a security system.在某些情况下,房东可以向房东和租户委员会(LTB)申请批准,将您的租金提高到指导限额以上。例如,如果你的房东进行了大规模维修或安装了安全系统,LTB可能会批准更高的涨幅

What is not rent controlled?


New residential apartment buildings, condos or houses that were occupied for the first time as of November 15, 2018, are not rent controlled. Landlords can increase the rent year-to-year to whatever they want and they are not required to follow any guidelines. They must, however, wait 12 months before they can request an increase.截至2018年11月15日,首次入住的新住宅公寓楼、共管公寓或房屋不受租金控制。房东可以逐年将租金提高到他们想要的任何水平,而且他们不需要遵守任何指导方针。然而,他们必须等待12个月才能要求加薪。

This also applies to residences that were newly built and occupied as of November 15, 2018, like:


  • apartment additions to existing buildings or houses 现有建筑或房屋的公寓扩建
  • basement apartments 地下室公寓
  • mobile home parks and land lease community 移动房屋公园和土地租赁社区
  • a self-contained unit in a house that already had up to two residential units 已经有两个住宅单元的房子里的独立单元

Note: Rent freeze exceptions apply for 2021.


Always read your lease carefully before you sign anything for the first time and ask questions about when the unit was built and first occupied to determine if the place will be rent controlled or not. Some landlords are more flexible and you can negotiate specific terms ahead of time to be listed in the rental contract. For example: “Increase after the first 12 months will be no more than 4%” so always ask if you plan to stay in a place for the long term.在你第一次签署任何东西之前,一定要仔细阅读你的租约,并询问这个单元是何时建造和首次入住的,以确定这个地方是否会受到租金控制。有些房东更灵活,你可以提前协商具体条款,将其列入租赁合同。例如:“前12个月后的增长不会超过4%”,所以总是问你是否计划长期呆在一个地方。

Pandemic Exemption – 2021 Rent Freeze


The Government of Ontario passed legislation to freeze rents at 2020 levels and will not increase in 2021 for the majority of rented units covered under the Residential Tenancies Act. This will be in effect until December 31, 2021. 安大略省政府通过立法,将租金冻结在2020年的水平,并且在2021年不会增加《住宅租赁法》涵盖的大多数租赁单元的租金。这一规定将有效期至2021年12月31日。

The rent freeze applies to most tenants living in:


  • rented houses, apartments and condos (including units occupied for the first time for residential purposes after November 15, 2018)出租房屋、公寓和共管公寓(包括2018年11月15日后首次入住的住宅单元)
  • basement apartments 地下室公寓
  • care homes (including retirement homes) 养老院(包括养老院)
  • mobile home parks 移动房屋公园
  • land lease communities 土地租赁社区
  • rent-geared-to-income units and market rent units in community housing 社区住房中按收入单位和市场租金单位计算的租金
  • affordable housing units created through various federally and/or provincially funded programs 通过各种联邦和/或省级资助项目创建的经济适用住房

For rent increases that will take effect in 2022, landlords can give full 90 days’ notice beforehand. 对于将于2022年生效的租金上涨,房东可以提前90天发出通知。

Exceptions to this are:


  • If special considerations increases were already approved by the Landlord and Tenant Board before October 1, 2020 如果业主和租户委员会在2020年10月1日之前已经批准了特殊考虑因素的增加
  • Tenants and landlords can still agree on rent increases in exchange for an extra service or facility (for example, air conditioning or parking). 租户和房东仍然可以就租金上涨达成一致,以换取额外的服务或设施(例如空调或停车)。

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How often can a landlord increase the rent? 房东多久能涨一次房租?