Commercial Rental Needed Docs (商业租赁需要文件)

Commercial Rental Needed Docs (商业租赁需要文件):

1) Articles of Incorporation of tenant, if sole proprietorship then business registration license.( 承租人的公司章程,如为独资企业,则发给营业执照)
2) Copy of driver’s license ( if partnership all driver’s licenses of all owners).驾驶执照副本(如果是合作关系,需要所有车主的驾驶执照)
3) Credit application completed and signed by tenant ;(租户填写并签署的信贷申请)

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4) an Equifax personal credit report on themselves for landlord’s review.(Equifax的个人信用报告,供房东审查)
5) Existed/Past running same/similar business reference — website, address, landlord contact etc.(现有/过去经营相同/类似的业务参考资料——网站、地址、房东联系方式等)
6) Bank Statement (optional – the past six months)  银行对账单(可选–过去六个月)

Commercial Rental Needed Docs (商业租赁需要文件)