What Are the Tenant’s Rights If Landlord Sells the House in Ontario? 如果业主在安大略省出售房屋,承租人的权利是什么?

Tenants’ Rights When Landlord Sells Property in Ontario



A tenant cannot control when and if a landlord sells their home in Ontario. Suppose your landlord is selling their house in Ontario. In that case, it’s always preferable if the situation can be handled constructively and cooperatively, with the help of a real estate lawyer in Ontario. That said, in some examples, conflict is inevitable. A landlord may want to show the property, which can interfere with a tenant’s enjoyment of their property. This is where the Residential Tenancies Act comes into play. Ontario tenant has particular rights when the landlord is selling a house are outlined in this act/statute. While a landlord has a right to sell a tenanted property, the existing tenant also has rights to uphold throughout the process of selling the house.  租户无法控制房东何时以及是否出售他们在安大略省的房子。假设你的房东正在出售他们在安大略省的房子。在这种情况下,最好能在安大略的房地产律师的帮助下,以合作的方式处理这种情况。也就是说,在一些例子中,冲突是不可避免的。房东可能想要展示房产,但这可能会干扰租户对其房产的享受。这就是《住宅租赁法》发挥作用的地方。本法案/法规概述了房东出售房屋时安大略省租户的权利。虽然房东有权出售租赁房产,但现有租户也有权在出售房屋的整个过程中维护自己的权益。


Can a Landlord Kick You Out In Order to Sell the Property?



Ontario tenant rights when a landlord sells a house or is selling a property are fairly secure and protect the tenant in several ways. First, a landlord cannot forcibly evict a tenant to sell a home. A landlord cannot have showings without providing a notice prior 24-hour. While a landlord can sell a property during a lease, they must respect the tenant’s rights at all times while doing so. 当房东出售房屋或正在出售房产时,安大略省的租户权利是相当安全的,并以多种方式保护租户。首先,房东不能为了卖房而强行驱逐房客。房东在没有提前24小时提供通知的情况下不能进行展示。虽然房东可以在租赁期间出售房产,但在出售时必须始终尊重租户的权利。

How much notice a landlord has to give a tenant to move out in Ontario when the landlord is selling their property? If you, the tenant, are in a fixed-term tenancy agreement, such as a 1-year lease, a landlord cannot kick you out or close a purchase until that term is over. The only exception is if the buyer agrees to assume the tenancy. 在安大略省,当房东出售房产时,房东必须提前多久给租户通知才能搬离?如果你是租户,签订的是定期租赁协议,比如一年的租约,房东在期限结束之前不能把你赶出去或结束购买。唯一的例外是,如果买方同意承担租赁权。

If a landlord wants their tenant out of a property they wish to sell or if the property is currently for sale; they must negotiate with the tenant to determine a way to do that; however, they cannot forcefully remove a tenant.如果房东希望租户离开他们想要出售的房产,或者该房产目前正在出售;他们必须与租户协商卖房过程当中的一些细节;然而,他们不能强行移除租户。

As it relates to tenant rights for showings, a landlord must provide 24 hours notice for any showing. A tenant is then responsible for showing the property sometime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Any tenant pets have to be secured. A tenant is allowed to be at the property during a showing, but it is not necessary. A tenant also cannot prevent a landlord from showing a property if they are unable to be present so long as the landlord gives the appropriate warning time.由于它涉及租户的展示权,房东必须提前24小时通知任何看房。然后,租户负责在早上8点到晚上8点之间的某个时间展示房产。任何租户的宠物都必须得到保护。租户可以在看房期间自由出入该物业。如果租户不能到场,只要房东给予了充足的通知时间,租户也不能阻止房东展示房产。

Should a tenant deny a landlord’s right to show their property, this is a violation of the landlord-tenant agreement. A landlord then has the right to evict the tenant and can even go so far as to sue the tenant for damages relating to delays in selling the property.如果租户拒绝业主展示其财产的权利,这违反了业主与租户的协议。然后,房东有权驱逐房客,甚至可以起诉房客,要求其赔偿与延迟出售房产有关的损失。

Suppose you are on a monthly tenancy, such as what happens in Ontario automatically when a lease term expires. In that case, no agreement is in place to prevent a landlord from evicting you though they do need to provide what is considered sufficient notice. A notice to the tenant of sale of property in Ontario and/or a request to vacate the property can be provided in these circumstances, giving the tenant a minimum of sixty (60) days to leave. 假设你是按月租房,安大略省的租约到期后会自动转成月租条约。在这种情况下,没有任何协议可以阻止房东驱逐你,但是房东确实需要提供足够的通知。在这种情况下,房东可以向租户发出出售安大略省房产的通知和/或要求腾空房产,给租户至少六十(60)天的离开时间。

How You Can Benefit from ‘Bad-Faith’ Eviction 如何从“恶意”驱逐中获益

A ‘bad faith eviction’ is a term that is used when landlords give a tenant an eviction notice based on qualifying circumstances; however, they do not end up using the rental home as was indicated. An example of this is if a landlord states they are moving into the property only to turn around and sell it to someone else. Although a landlord can sell a house with tenants in it, they cannot wrongfully evict those tenants before the term of their lease is completed. “恶意驱逐”是指房东根据符合条件的情况向租户发出驱逐通知后;他们最终并没有像所说的那样使用出租屋。一个例子是,如果房东说他们搬进这处房产,只是为了转身把它卖给别人。尽管房东可以出售有租户的房子,但他们不能在租约到期前错误地驱逐这些租户。

Sadly, not all landlords in Ontario follow the rules nor respect tenant rights when selling a house or showing the property. Should a tenant encounter a bad faith eviction, they can file a T5 Form with the Landlord and Tenant Board. Share what the situation is, why you believe the landlord is acting out of bad faith, and include evidence supporting your reasoning. 遗憾的是,并非安大略省的所有房东在出售房屋或展示房产时都遵守规定,也不尊重租户的权利。如果租户遇到恶意驱逐,他们可以向业主和租户委员会提交T5表格。说明情况,为什么你认为房东的行为是出于恶意,并附上支持你推理的证据。

In order to kick out a tenant, a landlord may say a family member’s moving in or that they’re moving in themselves. Though both are valid reasons to provide a sufficient reason to a tenant to move out, if a landlord’s intent is not as they’ve stated, they cannot evict the tenant. This is why it’s recommended to document all conversations with your landlord and keep receipts and proof of rent payments. 为了驱逐房客,房东可能会说一个家庭成员要搬进来,或者他们自己也要搬进来。尽管这两种情况都是向租户发出足够的迁出通知的正当理由,但如果房东的意图不是他们所说的那样,他们就不能驱逐租户。这就是为什么建议租客记录与房东的所有对话,并保留收据和租金支付证明。

Suppose a landlord is found guilty of a bad faith eviction. In that case, they may be fined up to $25,000 and be ordered to pay a portion or all of a tenant’s out-of-pocket moving expenses as well as any other charges assigned by the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. 假设一个房东被判犯有恶意驱逐罪。在这种情况下,他们可能会被处以最高25000刀的罚款,并被责令支付租户的部分或全部搬迁费用,以及安大略省房东和租户委员会指定的其他费用。

What Are Tenants Rights During a Pre-Sale Renovation?


In the lead-up to a sale, a landlord may want to do some major repairs or renovations on a property. While understandable, if a building permit’s required for it, they cannot move forward until the rental unit is empty. Assuming a landlord is selling a house before the lease expires, in this case, a landlord can provide 120 days’ notice to their tenant and terminate the tenancy after the said period. The tenant’s right is the right to move back into the unit when the renovation is complete. Tenant rights when a house is for sale, and there’s a renovation, are simply that they cannot be evicted for a renovation. When all rules are followed through, they must remove themselves for the renovation to take place. A tenant may choose to negotiate an end to their lease instead of waiting should the renovation prove to be too much of an issue. 在出售之前,房东可能想对房产进行一些大修或翻新。虽然可以理解,但如果需要建筑许可证,他们在出租单元空置之前无法继续施工。假设房东在租约到期前出售房屋,在这种情况下,房东可以提前120天通知租户,并在上述期限后终止租约。租户的权利是可以在装修完成后搬回公寓。当房子出售并进行翻新时,租户不能因为装修翻新而被驱逐。当所有规则都得到遵守时,他们必须搬出才能进行翻新。如果装修十分影响租户对该物业的使用,租户可以选择协商终止租约,而不是等待。

Tenants Should Receive Notice Before Showing the Property


As stipulated, a landlord is allowed to show a property even with a tenant living there. Regarding a tenant’s rights for showings, a tenant must be given a 24-hour notice prior to. A landlord must also schedule all showings between 8 am and 8 pm. 根据规定,即使租户住在那里,房东也可以向市场展示房产。但对与租客来说,房东必须在看房预约前24小时向租户发出通知。房东还必须将所有看房安排在上午8点至晚上8点之间。

A tenant does not need to vacate the property. They also do not need to be present for the showing. A landlord’s permitted to show the unit even when the tenant is not there so long as they give the appropriate 24-hour notice. Landlords are expected to be reasonable with how often they book showings and how they are scheduled. If the tenant believes a landlord is not being considerate of their scheduling, such as booking multiple late-night house showings, it may be grounds for complaint. 租户不需要腾空该物业。他们也不需要在看房期间在场。即使租户不在,只要房东24小时前发出适当的通知,他们也可以展示该单元。房东们必须对他们看房预约的频率和安排方式保持合理。如果租户认为房东没有考虑到他们的日程安排,比如预订了多次深夜看房,这可以是投诉的理由。

Lastly, please note that a tenant cannot block a showing or interfere with a showing. If they do, it’s a breach of the lease agreement and afterward, a landlord can use this as a reason to terminate the lease and provide notice to the tenant. 最后,请注意,租户不能阻止看房或干扰看房。如果这样做,那就违反了租赁协议,之后,房东可以以此为理由终止租赁,并向租户发出通知。

Tenants Do Not Have to Prepare the Property for Viewing On Demand


A landlord can expect a basic level of cleanliness from the tenant when it comes time to show a property. However, a tenant does not need to engage with any sort of staging and does not need to go out of their way to prepare a property, either. 房东可以期望租户在展示房产时达到基本的清洁水平。然而,租户不需要进行任何形式的装饰,也不需要特意准备房产

The general rule is for the sale process to have a minimal impact on the tenant’s overall enjoyment of the property they are paying to occupy. 一般规则是,出售过程对租户对房产的整体使用影响应该降到最小。

In Order to Take Pictures, A Landlord Needs Tenant’s Permission


A landlord is not allowed to take pictures of a property when a tenant is occupying it. This is a major tenant-right when a landlord sells property in Ontario. It is to protect a tenant from having their private belongings posted online or shared publicly without their consent. A tenant, however, may agree to allow a landlord to take pictures. This permission is not implied in any lease agreement. 当租户使用房产期间,房东不允许为其拍照。这是安大略省房东出售房产时租户的主要权利。这是为了保护租户不在未经其同意的情况下被房东将其私人物品发布到网上或公开分享。然而,租户也可以同意让房东拍照。任何租赁协议中均未暗示此许可。

What Are Your Rights as a Landlord Who Is Selling House in Ontario?作为在安大略省卖房的房东,你的权利是什么?

If you are a landlord selling a house, you also have a myriad of rights that you are entitled to, and your tenant must respect those. Should a landlord’s rights be ignored or violated, it can be interpreted as breaking a lease agreement and may provide a pathway to eviction. 如果你是一个卖房的房东,你也有很多权利,你的房客必须尊重这些权利。如果房东的权利被忽视或侵犯,可以被解释为违反租赁协议,并成为驱逐房客 的理由。

Landlord Has the Right to Put Up the Property For Sale Anytime


As a landlord, you can sell your property at any point. You do not need to notify the tenant. That said, it is a landlord’s responsibility that, should there be a lease agreement in place with a specified term, the new buyer agrees to take it on. Any lease agreement is tied to the property, and a property sale does not make this agreement void. A tenant is permitted to finish out their lease as agreed upon. To circumvent this, a landlord is permitted to negotiate with their tenant should the tenant be open to ending the lease. A landlord cannot forcefully evict a tenant before the fixed-term lease is expired. It is worth keeping in mind that while a landlord does not need to notify a tenant that the property’s for sale, it is the polite and reasonable thing to do so. It is always best to maintain good landlord-tenant relations. 作为房东,你可以在任何时候出售你的房产。您不需要通知租户。也就是说,如果有一份规定期限的租赁协议,新买家必须同意接受该租客,这是房东的责任。任何租赁协议都与房产绑定,销售房产不会使该租赁协议无效。租客可以按照约定完成租赁。关于这一点,如果租户愿意终止租约,房东可以与租户协商。在定期租约到期之前,房东不能强行驱逐房客。值得记住的是,虽然房东不需要通知租户房产即将出售,但这样做是礼貌和合理的。保持良好的房东与租客关系始终是最好的。

Landlord Has the Right to Show the Property Even if a Tenant is Not There


A tenant not being there for a property showing can be an uncomfortable thought for many tenants, but it is a landlord’s right. The tenant is expected to have any pets secured, and the showing does need to occur within reasonable hours. A tenant cannot deny a landlord the right to show a property so long as the proper notice is given, and if the landlord believes a tenant is interfering in the potential sale of their unit, they may file a complaint or even sue in certain cases. 对于许多租户来说,房产展示的时候本人不在场可能会令人不安,但这是房东的权利。房东会保护租客的宠物,并且看房必须在合理的时间内进行。只要发出适当的通知,租户就不能剥夺房东展示房产的权利,如果房东认为租户干预了他们房产的销售,他们可以提出投诉,甚至在某些情况下提起诉讼。

What Happens to Tenants When the Property is Sold?


After a property is sold, we refer back to a tenant’s rights when a landlord sells a property.在一处房产被出售后,租户依旧拥有特定权利。

If you are on a fixed-term lease, the new owner of the property assumes the landlord’s position and is required to honour your lease agreement. However, if you are on a month-to-month lease and it is no longer fixed-term, this obligation doesn’t exist anymore. 如果您是定期租赁,房产的新主人将承担房东的职位,并被要求遵守您的租赁协议。然而,如果你是按月租赁,并且不再是定期的,那么这种义务就不存在了。

That said, the new owners will become the de facto landlords, and so they must adhere to all landlord-tenant rights from the moment of sale onwards. If a tenant believes their landlord is acting in bad faith or attempting to trick them into eviction, a tenant can refuse to leave when a house is sold in Ontario and file a complaint with the Tenancies Board. This is the only scenario, however, when a tenant refusing to leave is acceptable. 也就是说,新业主将成为事实上的房东,因此他们必须从出售之日起遵守所有业主与租户的规定。如果租户认为房东的行为不诚实或试图诱骗他们导致被驱逐,则租户可以在房屋交接完后拒绝离开,并向LTB提出投诉。然而,这是唯一合法的租户拒绝离开的情况。

Should a landlord conduct an inspection and discover breaches of the lease agreement – i.e. significant property damage – this could amount to legal action against the tenant. Furthermore, if a landlord is misbehaving, this does mean a tenant can behave in a similar manner. Both parties have to adhere to the clauses and rules of their respective roles. 如果房东进行检查并发现租客违反租赁协议的行为,即造成严重的财产损失,房东可以对租户提起法律诉讼。此外,如果房东行为不端在先,这则意味着租户可以采取类似的行为。双方必须遵守各自角色的条款和规则。

A landlord cannot evict a tenant purely because a property is sold. However, if there is no fixed-term lease, the purchaser can issue a 60-day notice before being allowed to kick a tenant out. Please note that these are not considered derogatory evictions and do not reflect badly on the tenant in any way.房东不能仅仅因为房产被卖掉就驱逐房客。然而,如果没有定期租约,买家可以提前60天发出通知,然后才能将租户驱逐出去。请注意,这些不被视为贬义的驱逐,也不会以任何方式对租户产生不良影响。

Tenants and landlords both have rights when the landlord decides to sell a house in Ontario. If you are a tenant and you believe your landlord has not adhered to their responsibilities in the lease agreement and/or is trying to illegally evict you, speak with a lawyer today.当房东决定出售安大略省的房子时,租户和房东都有权利。如果你是租户,并且你认为你的房东没有遵守他们在租赁协议中的责任,和/或试图非法驱逐你,请立刻与一名律师交流。

What Are the Tenant’s Rights If Landlord Sells the House in Ontario? 如果业主在安大略省出售房屋,承租人的权利是什么?