8 Acres Vacant Land At Melancthon For Lease (Melancthon 8英亩空地出租)



Description 概述

Address: Dufferin County Rd 17 / 4 Line SW, Melancthon

Lot Area:  8 Acres


Rent: $188/month

Zoning: A1 (Agriculture), as per GEO warehouse it is described as “Agricultural Residential”

分区: A1 (农业), GEO warehouse 上显示为“农业住宅用地”。

Location 位置

7 mins drive to Hwy 10 and can transfer to Hwy 400 and other highways.


Population 人口

Melancthon population in 2016 was 3,008, It has one of the lowest population densities in southwestern Ontario. Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 1,037.


Entertainment 娱乐

The Highpoint Campground is a municipally-owned campground in downtown Dundalk in Dundalk Memorial Park. The village of Dundalk hosts many tourism events including the Dundalk Fair and Canadian Open Dance Competition, Horse Shows, Family Recreation Weekend, Automotive Swap-Meet & Flea Market, and Santa Claus Parade. The Dundalk Fair and Canadian Open Dance Competition is held the 2nd weekend of September. The Fair is a traditional fall fair which has been held for over 160 years. It includes saddle horse shows, harness racing, demolition derby, tractor pulls, classic car show, garden tractor races, Ambassador of the Fair crowning, amusement rides, and over a hundred competitions judging jam to livestock.

Highpoint露营地是Dundalk纪念公园Dundalk市中心的一个市政露营地。邓多克村举办了许多旅游活动,包括邓多克集市和加拿大公开舞蹈比赛、马术表演、家庭娱乐周末、汽车交换会和跳蚤市场以及圣诞老人游行。Dundalk Fair和加拿大公开舞蹈比赛于9月的第二个周末举行。该交易会是一个传统的秋季交易会,已经举办了160多年。它包括鞍马表演、马具比赛、拆除德比、拖拉机拉力赛、经典车展、花园拖拉机比赛、博览会加冕大使、游乐设施,以及一百多场牲畜比赛。

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8 Acres Vacant Land At Melancthon For Lease (Melancthon 8英亩空地出租)