Melancthon 乡村小镇空地出售 – Melancthon Vacant Land For Sale

Melancthon 乡村小镇空地出售 – Melancthon Vacant Land For Sale

Melancthon是加拿大安大略省达弗林县西北角的一个乡村小镇,东与Mulmur镇,Amaranth镇和南部的East Luther接壤,西与Southgate镇接壤,北与Gray Highlands接壤。该镇的主要产业是农业,有限的牛肉,奶制品,绵羊和马匹。 它也是Melancthon EcoPower Center风力发电场的所在地。 该镇成立于1853年,隶属于格雷县(Gray County),并于1881年移交给达弗林县(Dufferin County)。

The primary industry of Melancthon is farming, with limited beef, dairy, sheep, and horse farming. It is also home to the Melancthon EcoPower Centre wind farm. The township was founded in 1853 as a part of Grey County and transferred to Dufferin County in 1881.

物业介绍 (Property Description)

地址 Location: Dufferin County Rd 17 / 4 Line SW, Melancthon

价格 Listing Price: $399,000.00

占地面积 Lot Area:  10 Acres (436,008 sq.ft.) ( 330 ft x 1,320 ft )

类型 Type: 空地 Vacant Land (Agricultural Residential)

地税 Property Taxes: $244 / 2022

分区 Zoning: A1 (Agricultural Residential), plus a lot of other uses eg: Recreation, Hunting, etc.

PIN# : 341590019

ARN#: 221900000402450


分区 (Zoning) 

A1  Residential

地理位置 (Location)

Dufferin County Rd 17 / 4 Line SW, Melancthon

地理位置 Location: 开车7分钟即可到达Hwy 10, 并可转入至Hwy 400 和其它高速公路。7 mins drive to Hwy 10 and can transfer to Hwy 400 and other highways.

娱乐 (Entertainment)


高点露营地是 Dundalk 纪念公园内 Dundalk 市区的一个市政营地。

邓多克村(Dundalk)举办许多旅游活动,包括邓多克博览会(Dundalk Fair)和加拿大公开舞蹈比赛,马术表演,家庭娱乐周末,汽车交换与跳蚤市场和圣诞老人​​游行。



The Highpoint Campground is a municipally-owned campground in downtown Dundalk in Dundalk Memorial Park. The village of Dundalk hosts many tourism events including the Dundalk Fair and Canadian Open Dance Competition, Horse Shows, Family Recreation Weekend, Automotive Swap-Meet & Flea Market, and Santa Claus Parade. The Dundalk Fair and Canadian Open Dance Competition is held the 2nd weekend of September. The Fair is a traditional fall fair which has been held for over 160 years. It includes saddle horse shows, harness racing, demolition derby, tractor pulls, classic car show, garden tractor races, Ambassador of the Fair crowning, amusement rides, and over a hundred competitions judging jam to livestock. Varney International Speedway is located in Varney on the western edge of Southgate. It is the only speedway in Ontario to feature a 33° high-bank asphalt racing surface.

人口分布 (Population)

Melancthon小镇 2016年的人口为3,008,是安大略省西南部人口密度最低的地区之一。 常住居民的私人住宅:1,037。之后的数年, 人口保持快速增长, 成为安省乃至全加人口增长潜力最大的地区之一。

Melancthon population in 2016 was 3,008, It has one of the lowest population densities in southwestern Ontario. Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 1,037. Since then the population keep grows fast, it becomes the most fast growing community in Ontario or in Canada.




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Melancthon 乡村小镇空地出售 – Melancthon Vacant Land For Sale