Riverview condos位于Hwy7 & Warden Ave 东南角。环境优美,社区宜人,处于Markham的中心区域。周边交通便利,开车一分钟即可到Hwy 7, 7 分钟可上Hwy 404,4 分钟可上Hwy 407。几步路就可以到Shoppers Drug Mart 和 Whole Foods Market。周边生活设施完善,牙医诊所,家庭医生诊所,大量中餐馆及快餐店,Markham电影院,还有大量连锁商店。附近教育资源丰富,近Boxwood 公立学校,  Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys天主教小学;还有Bill Crothers中学。


Riverview condos are located at the southeast corner of Hwy 7 & Warden Ave. Beautiful environment, in a pleasant community, in the central area of Markham. Convenient traffic, one minute drive from Hwy 7, four minutes drive from Hwy 407, seven minutes drive from Hwy 404, steps to Shoppers Drug Mart and Whole Foods Market. Perfect living facilities, dental clinics, family doctor clinics, a large number of Chinese restaurants and fast food restaurants, Markham cinemas, and a large number of chain stores. There are abundant educational resources nearby, near Boxwood Public School, Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys Catholic Primary School; and Bill Crothers Secondary School.

Riverview Condos


阳台带两个临窗,内部面积 960 sq ft,阳台面积 88 sq ft,总面积在 1,048 sq ft

Property Information

  • 位置:位于HWY 7 & Warden Ave, Markham
  • 房屋类型:3 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms
  • 单元面积:1,048 sqft
  • 楼层:3层
  • 地址:303-18 Water Walk Dr
  • 价格:$1,169,000 (包含2个车位)
  • 原购买价:$1,101,100
  • 定金:已付四期定金共计$185,165。最终定金: $90,110(未付)
  • 管理费:估计 $650 每月
  • 暂定交屋日期:2023年5月4日
  • Capping Fee: $5,500
  • 原购买合同: Click Here To View Original Purchase Agreement


  • Location: Located on HWY 7 & Warden Ave, Markham
  • Type: 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms
  • Unit Area: 1,048 sqft
  • Level: 3
  • Address: 303-18 Water Walk Dr
  • Price: $1,169,000 (including 2 parking spaces)
  • Original Purchase Price: $1,101,100
  • Deposit: Four deposits have been paid totaling $185,165. Final deposit: $90,110 (unpaid)
  • Maintenance Fee: Estimate $650 per month
  • Tentative Closing Date: May 4th, 2023
  • Capping Fee: $5,500
  • Original Purchase Agreement: Click Here To View Original Purchase Agreement

Site Plan

Building B


  1. UPG-1 工程乙烯基地板,瓷砖区域除外*¹ – 根据建筑商的样品
  2. 带普通/滑动门的书房外壳*
  3. 建筑商选择的工程石英台面或同等产品*¹,在厨房和洗手间配备台下式水槽。
  4. 全板工程石英后挡板(或建筑商选择的等效物)
  5. 主浴室的电源插座*(用于加热马桶盖)。
  6. 不锈钢器具包(抽油烟机、洗碗机、柜台深度冰箱和内置电炉灶、墙壁
    根据 Builder 的样品,烤箱和微波炉配有专用橱柜架,)
  7. 浴室*¹ 和洗衣房*¹ 的瓷砖
  8. 带加长上部的现代欧式厨柜
  9. 厨房的橱柜下(帷幔)照明。
  10. 客厅、餐厅和门厅的皇冠饰条*
  11. 软关闭厨柜门和抽屉。
  12. 光滑的天花板,整个房间都涂有白色油漆。
  13. 天花板高 9 英尺的单元的内门升级到 7 英尺(天花板高 10 英尺的单元升级到 8 英尺)
  14.  窗帘升级为窗户和推拉门的卷帘*
  15. 71/4″ 木质底板,适用于 10 英尺天花板的单元*
  16. 一个带工程石英台面的升级厨房岛或根据建筑商样品的计划*(尺寸
  17. 两个停车位并排分配(如果可能)。

This property has been refurbished to include the following upgrades:

1 – UPG-1 Engineered Vinyl Flooring throughout except tiled areas*¹ -as per Builder’s sample
2 – Den enclosure* with regular/sliding door
3 – Engineered Quartz Countertops or equivalent*¹ from Builder’s selection with undermount Sink in Kitchen & Washroom(s).
4. Full Slab Engineered Quartz Backsplash (or equivalent from Builder’s selection)
5 – Electric Outlet in main Bathroom* (for heated toilet seat cover).
6 – Stainless-Steel appliances package (range hood, dishwasher, counter-depth refrigerator and built-in electric cooktop, wall
oven and microwave with dedicated cabinet shelf as per Builder’s sample,)
7 – Porcelain Tile in Bathrooms*¹ and Laundry Rooms*¹
8 – Modern European-made Kitchen Cabinet with Extended Upper portion
9 – Under-Cabinet (Valance) Lighting in Kitchen.
10 – Crown Moulding in Living Room, Dining Room and Foyer*
11 – Soft Close Kitchen Cabinets Doors and Drawers.
12 – Smooth Ceilings with White paint throughout.
13 – Interior Doors upgraded to 7’ for units with 9-foot ceilings and (to 8’ for units with 10-foot ceilings)
14 – Window coverings upgraded to roller shades for windows and sliding doors*
15 – 71/4″ Wood Baseboard for units with 10-foot Ceilings*
16 – One Upgraded Kitchen Island with Engineered Quartz Countertop or equivalent as per plan from Builder’s samples* (size
and dimension to be determined at time of color selection and finishes)
17 – Both parking spots to be assigned side by side (if possible).



Don’t miss this opportunity! York University is expected to open the Markham campus in 2028, which is only 2.8km away from this unit. As a famous university in Toronto, it will attract tens of thousands of students, and the surrounding rent will skyrocket. It can be invested or lived in, buy it and earn it!

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大堂 Lobby

泳池 Pool

健身房 Gym

娱乐室 Recreation Room

屋顶露台 Rooftop Terrace