Stouffville仓库和办公室合租单位招租 Stouffville Warehouse And Office Units For Lease. (Shared Tenancy)

图夫维尔(Whitchurch-Stouffville)镇由几个不同的社区和小乡村组成。 位于多伦多北部,是约克区东部的一个美丽小镇。小镇宽约4.5公里,西边紧邻404高速,东到York-Durham Line,长约2.7公里, 北临Davis Dr,南临19th Ave, 城市面积206.41平方公里,城市人口为45,837。小镇内拥有广阔的农牧区、茂密的森林、湖泊、峡谷、马术场、高尔夫球场,濒临闹市却又远离喧嚣,所以有桃源小镇的美称。纯天然的自然风光,好似置身世外桃源。每天呼吸着新鲜空气,即便是时下在家工作已成为日常,枯燥的生活也会因此得到些许的安慰。

The town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is made up of several different communities and small villages. Located in the north of Toronto, it is a beautiful town in the east of York. The town is about 4.5 kilometers wide, West adjacent to Highway 404, York-Durham Line to the east, about 2.7 kilometers long, Davis Dr to the north, and 19th Ave to the south. The city covers an area of 206.41 square kilometers and has a population of 45,837. The town has vast farming and pastoral areas, dense forests, lakes, canyons, equestrian fields, and golf courses. It is close to the busy city but far away from the hustle and bustle, so it has the reputation of Taoyuan Town. The pure natural scenery is like being in a paradise. Next to nature with fresh air, even working from home has become to daily life, your life needs to be upgraded.

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功能性办公室和仓库空间位于 Stouffville 中心,提供无限机会。 享受 2000 平方英尺(约 2000 平方英尺)的完工办公空间,超过两层,包括一个拥有两个行政办公室的绝妙夹层。 567 平方英尺的仓库空间,17 英尺的天花板和大型门内驱动器为存储或额外的工作空间提供了充足的机会。

Functional Office & Warehouse Space Offering Endless Opportunities Located In The Heart Of Stouffvillle. Enjoy 2000 Sf (Apprx) Of Finished Office Space Over Two Levels Including A Fabulous Mezzanine Featuring Two Executive Offices. A 567 Sf Of Warehouse Space With 17 Ft Ceilings & Large Drive In Door Provides Ample Opportunity For Storage Or Additional Workspace.

详情介绍 (Introduction)

地址 Address: 117 Ringwood Dr 4, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON, L4A8C1

可租面积 Rentable Area:

  • 办公室 Office: 800 sf / 1,000 sf / 1,500 sf / 2,100 sf
  • 仓库 Warehouse: 500 sf / 1,000 sf / 1,500 sf


分区 (zoning)

分区 Zoning: EBP(14)

地理位置和交通 (Location & Traffic)

社区 Community: Stouffville

路口Intersection: Main St / Hwy 48

地理位置 Location:  5分钟车程到Hwy 48; 4分钟车程到Main St; 周围是住宅区。 位于Stouffville中心,位置便利。

5 minutes drive to Hwy 48; 4 minutes drive to Main St; Surrounded by residential areas. Conveniently located in the heart of Stouffville.


步行距离到核心商圈,紧靠Days Inn麦当劳,适合电商、零售、培训、日托中心、健身房、旅店、外卖、厨房、加工等行业。24hrs自由通道,有充足室外公共停车位。

Walking distance to the core business district, close to Days Inn McDonald’s, suitable for e-commerce, retail, training, day care center, gym, hotel, takeout, kitchen, processing and other industries. 24hrs free passage with sufficient outdoor public parking space.

照片 (Pictures)

一楼走廊 First floor corridor

一楼办公室 First floor office

阅览室 reading room

二楼走廊 Second floor corridor

二楼办公室 Second floor office

厨房 kitchen

卫生间 toilet

楼梯 staircase

仓库 warehouse

停车场 parking lot

Stouffville仓库和办公室合租单位招租 Stouffville Warehouse And Office Units For Lease. (Shared Tenancy)